WOW! Thank you to everyone who purchased a book! We were overwhelmed by how many people showed up on preview night to purchase it. We had a line down the hall! It was an exhausting and fun filled time at Comic Con. It was really great to meet so many people and it's an experience we will never forget! We also want to thank everyone that attended the Disney Story Process and Bolt panels.

Stuart Ng and Labyrinth Books did grab some books from us to sell and ship internationally so if you would still like one please visit their sites - But hurry, we gave them a very small amount of books!

Here are some images:

The books arrive!

Joe is ecstatic to see them finally arrive!

Smells good!

We set up a story room for all of the artists to come by and pick-up their free copies.

Byron Howard's pin-up

Glen Keane's pin-up

Mark Walton, the voice of Rhino! Signing books!

We arrive at Comic Con!
The line stretches down the aisle way!

Joe Moshier and Conduct Happiness!

Steve Anderson Director of Meet the Robinson's throws down his autograph on some books!

This was the line for the Disney Story Process Panel - Unbelievable!

Here we are pretending to know what we're talking about.

John Musker shows up and throws down his autograph in some Rocket Johnson's!

Chris and Byron talking Bolt!

If you have any photo's or just want to e-mail us what you think about the book please send it to:

So ...... now that it's all over, what's next?

Good question! For the next installment in the Who, What, Why, Where series.


Teaser image by Joe Moshier


k. borcz said...

Love the book, was reading it on the plane flight back to Chicago. Glad you guys did well!

Sarah Satrun said...

Great book! I was also reading it on the flight back home to Chicago. :D It was really nice meeting you!

Catherine Satrun said...

Great job on the book! It looks like all three of us read it on the way back home. Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us. We hope to see you guys next year!

Andreas said...

Love the book. I did not get into the Disney story panel. Makes me sad. Even sadder because the nice lady handing out the goodies (some sort of wheel) to those of us in line ran out 2 or 3 people in front of me. Next year, bigger room.

pbcbstudios said...

Women in Animation from Chicago! You all are great! Thanks for stopping by the booth and buying our book! I've really enjoyed visiting your blogs and seeing all your work!

Andreas - Thanks for buying the book! Don't worry though, you're not missing much with the wheel - it's just a big list of all the films we've made. Next year we'll plan better!